Dubai’s best night out places

If you think how the Dubai nightlife is, then, believe me, it is awesome. When the sun goes down, the city shine with the lights. It looks like the jar filled with the fireflies. If you are planning a trip or holidays to spend in Dubai, then here is the checklist of the place that allows you to enjoy Dubai’s best night out places.

Let’s take a ride of Dubai’s best night out places from the adventurous night safaris to the marvelous beauty and other attractions, with Dubai’s taste of luxury and finesse.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai safari begins in the morning. However, it also has an evening time, which is extended for three to four hours. It means you will get back to your place at night. But if you want to see the beauty of the desert in the night, go for an overnight desert safari.

Take a tour on a camel ride, enjoy BBQ and sunset together. You can also enjoy shisha, belly dancing, and taste of traditional Arabic as well as international cuisine. You can see and experience the ancient Arabic culture and can stay in Bedouin styled tents. With the breakfast, this overnight desert safari ends, and you can enjoy the glow of the rising sun.

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain

The tallest performing fountains of Dubai, The Dubai Fountain can perform its shows with various melodies including contemporary, classic, and few more. The show runs for 30 minutes that allow the visitors to enjoy the dancing water. You know the best part is you can be a witness of this art without any cost. Yes, it is free! But if you want a closer look and personalized experience, you can book the fountain boardwalk tickets or fountain boat ride tickets. It’s up to you to enjoy one of the Dubai tourist places for free or paid.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium

Just imagine it is dark outside and you are walking underneath a 48-meter long aquarium. Yes, your path has enough lighting but don’t you fell amazed to meet a sharks face to face when the world tries to sleep. It is a mesmerizing place, and if you are looking for things to do in Dubai at night, it must visit the place. This human-made structure fills the children with wonder. Even daredevil can take a visit of sharks with cage snorkeling.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

I know all those who are going for Dubai travel must plan to visit Burj Khalifa, but have you think to visit this human-made giant structure at night? The city’s view from the 124th floor at night is one of the most pleasing sights to enjoy. During the night, Dubai covers itself with lights. Become a witness of this scenery is life’s never forgetting memory. You can say this place is the best place to enjoy Dubai at night and can’t be missed for the rest of the world.

Dhow Cruise – Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise - Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise is the heart of old Dubai. It offers thrilling and romantic scenic views all around. Dhow cruise has an amazing sitting arrangement with artistic wooden carvings. This place reflects the ancient lifestyle of Dubai.

You can take dinner with your loved ones in the company of enchanting Dubai lights, music and dance show. In case if you don’t wish to go on cruise ride, you can hang out nearby this place as well till late at night.


It’s all about five best Dubai night out places You can see the nightlife of Dubai is not as boring as you think. It has something to offer to each age group. What you have to do is to visit the places at the best time.