Best Destinations To Travel For Less Than Dhs2000

The scorching heat of Dubai during summer let people think about Summer Travel at least for a few days. According to me, travel does not need huge budget all the time. Here Best Destinations To Travel For Less Than Dhs2000. If you do not agree with me, then it is a perfect time to look at this article. Here in this article, we have made a list of some of the best places to travel within Dhs2000. Still Amazed? Then read the article to plan a best and budget-friendly trip during Holiday as well as Eid Holidays for Best Destinations To Travel For Less Than Dhs2000.


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Budget: Dhs559

If you hate flying or plan a vacation on last-minute, then Muscat is the best place to visit from Dubai. From the best Cheap Flights, you will reach your holiday destination in about an hour. When you land at this place, it seems like you are far away from your much-known city, Dubai. The temperature of Muscat is a few degrees lesser than the UAE, and there is no hurry and work, too. With the help of any guide or own, you can explore the town and its ancient and historical sights. A road trip also offers you to watch and enjoy the attractions of Oman.


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Budget: Dhs2019

I know this place is little out of budget but trust me, visit this beach will become one of your lifetime memory. The place is mesmerizing. I want to switch off my routine and rejuvenate myself completely, so I had picked Zanzibar as my destination. For me, it is a perfect destination. You can go via Emirates flights and enjoy various activities like relaxing on the beautiful beaches, explore the natural places, and how can I forget snorkeling in the clear ocean.


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Budget: Dhs1867

Tbilisi, a stunning city and capital of Georgia, is must visit the place during summer days.  I had visited this place last year during the summer. I love the historical sites of the city. The breathtaking landscapes are so beautiful that I can convert its beauty into words.  Old Tbilisi, Narikala, Rustaveli Avenue And Freedom Square, Dry Bridge, Funicular, Agmashenebeli Avenue, Simon Janashia Museum Of Georgia, Art Museum Of Georgia, Gabriadze Theater, Holy Trinity Cathedral and Art Palace Of Georgia are few known places to visit.


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Budget: Dhs1381

Beirut is not only the capital of Lebanon, but it is the largest city of it. It has plenty of things to offer. Beirut is a perfect blend of culture and nightlife. It has nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and historical ruins to explore and discover. The European style weather during summer makes this city a hub of various activities. If you want to experience the traditional Lebanese culture, then do not forget to discover the mountain of Beirut. If you have done the planning well in advance, then you will get many Cheap Holiday Deals that cut your cost of the trip.


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Budget: Dhs1607

Colombo is the biggest city and commercial capital of an island country, Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful place for a short vacation, especially for Dubai residents, as it can take a maximum of five hours to reach through a flight. You can enjoy the rich culture, beaches, wildlife, rafting, river safari tour, etc. Yes, it does not have much attraction like other places in this list but exploring the island with a tour guide or local guide can be a more adventurous task in Colombo.


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Budget: Dhs1858

Like Colombo, Istanbul is also 5 hours away from Dubai via a flight. This place is the world’s most fascinating, alluring, and mysteriously attractive destination in terms of culture. For architecture, culture and food as well, the city is a center of east and west. You can explore stunning landmarks like Topkapi Palace, Süleymaniye Mosque, Kariye Museum (Chora Church), Aya Sofya, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Pera Museum, Grand Bazaar, and some hidden places.


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Budget: Dhs1991

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv or Kiev is a great summer destination for the Dubai residents. If you want to explore the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, then you can start with this place. Undoubtedly there are numerous historical buildings. With it, you can also enjoy an emerging latest trends and scene through 24-hour parties, urban art, vintage cafes. You can see urban art in modern Kyiv and artistic graffiti walls on the buildings.


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Budget: Dhs1489

For all the nature adventure lover people, Kathmandu of Nepal is the perfect place for them. You can enjoy multiple activities. With day full packed with fun, at the end of the, you will have time to relax, too. Explore Nepal’s rich cultures, food, temples, monuments, and museums. You will get Cheap Holiday Deals to stay and enjoy the atmosphere.

Sum up:

So it is all about the place to visit as a Summer Travel holidays. Hopefully, you like it. If you have any other place to suggest other Best Destinations To Travel For Less Than Dhs2000, then the comment box is all yours. Thank you!