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March 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Caving a scoop of ICECREAM SCOOPI CAFE but don’t want to leave your home? Don’t worry, Scoopi Café’s is at your service. The city’s favorite ice cream parlour is bringing their heavenly dessert goodness to your home.So, GRAB YOUR ICECREAM FIX AT HOME WITH SCOOPI CAFE ! Spoil yourself with Scoopi Café’s wide offerings of ice creams, yogurts, and sorbets while offering discounts on selected flavours. Indulge in your favorite desserts as Scoopi Café offers exclusive delivery discounts for a limited time only!

Madagascar Vanilla (27 AED) Oreo Mint Cookie (30 AED) Banana Blueberries (35 AED)
European chocolate (27 AED) Mango Yogurt (27 AED) Peanut Butter Ice-cream (30 AED)
Dark chocolate (27 AED) Vanilla Yogurt with Mixed Berries (35 AED) Paan Ice-cream (30 AED)
Saffron Pistachio (30 AED) Vanilla Yogurt (27 AED) Kacha Keri Ice-cream (30 AED)
Pistachio Ice-cream (30 AED) Strawberry Sorbet (27 AED) Banana Fosters (40 AED)
Rose & Cinnamon (35 AED) Lemon Sorbet (27 AED) Fresh Dates Ice-cream (35 AED)
Strawberry Ice-cream (27 AED) Passion Fruit Sorbet (27 AED) Lotus Ice-cream (40 AED)
Mint Chocolate Chip (27 AED) Mango Sorbet (27 AED) Rose & Chili Ice-cream (30 AED)
Italian Nutella (27 AED) Double Berries with Nuts (Vegan) (35 AED) Salted Caramel Ice-cream (27 AED)
Oreo Cookies (30 AED) Banana & Strawberry (Vegan) (30 AED) Italian Black Truffle Ice-cream (40 AED)

Scoopi Café Ras Al Khaimah also offers flat 15% off on minimum order placed for 45 AED.

Go on, SCREAM for ice-cream finally!

To enjoy the delicious desserts of Scoopi Café, you can call the following numbers:

Dubai:                          052 804 7935 / 052 668 1273

Ras Al Khaimah:            050 650 6912 / 055 415 3847

About Scoopi Café:

Founded by Zubin Doshi, Scoopi Café is a family owned and operated company since it began, Scoopi has its retail stores in Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai and the newly launched store in Ras Al Khaimah.GRAB YOUR ICECREAM FIX AT HOME WITH SCOOPI CAFE! The brand is guided by the basic values that they began with, and always will be including, Originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead. Authenticity: Keeping it real, they create their own chocolate and ice cream recipes. Scoopi devote extraordinary attention to the quality of their products guaranteeing delivery of the most excellent and fresh range of flavors. Their production teams use meticulous artisan skills combined with the latest in modern manufacturing, high levels of training, equipment and techniques to create chocolates and ice creams that both look and taste delicious.

For more information, please visit – or call 971 52 804 7935.