Most ordered non-veg dishes of Dubai

Dubai has world best restaurant which serves the best cuisine all over the world. With a tourist place, Dubai is also known for its food. If you are visiting Dubai, then before ordering food, take a look at the list of most ordered non-veg dishes of Dubai.

Here we have listed the five most ordered non-veg dishes of Dubai which is loved by all meat lovers. We are sure that you will never forget the aroma and taste of this food after trying it.



Manousheh is perfect dish as a breakfast. You can call it a local pizza with a choice for the delicious taste buds. It is one of the Dubia specialties.

A flatbread or stretched dough filled with some exotic toppings like earthy zaatar herbs, Akkawi cheese salty, and olive oil, umm mouthwatering! Even it is one of the best street food dishes in Dubai. And it is favorite and famous among locals and tourist both. Do not forget to get your hog with sweet jam and minced lamb. You can also try various toppings with minced lamb, sweet jam, eggs and creamy sour labneh.

Iranian Sangak


When you walk through the streets of Dubai, the freshly backed Iranian Sangak’s aroma surely lure you. This dish is nothing less than delight. And without its name, this list seems incomplete.

Iranian Sangak is made from whole wheat, and hence it is a choice for health freak as well as foodies. It served in either rectangular or plain shape.  Some people use gluten-free bread as well. According to me it a must-try dish of Dubai. Remember that do not eat it without basil and Bulgarian feta.

Chelo Kebab


Chelo Kebab is another name, and I especially recommend this dish for all Kebab lovers. If you are finding the best food in Dubai, and not tried this dish, your food list remains incomplete.

Combination of basmati rice, saffron, and a pat of butter on kebabs, Chelo kebab, is a mouthwatering dish. The aroma of this dish attracts you to the food joint to eat it. Try this non-vegetarian dish and share your views with us. It is delicious.

Al Harees


Al Harees is a mixture of three key ingredients; wheat, butter, and meat. When these three-ingredient meets in the presence of pinch of salt and perfect baking temperature, the outcome reflects as one of the popular non-veg dishes of Dubai. It will carve you for sure.

During Ramadan, Eid and weddings, Al Harees served everywhere. This traditional dish of Dubai is so famous that even travelers and food lovers find the best place that served it. If you have a sweet tooth, then try it with sugar; otherwise, you can go with butter and powdered cinnamon.

Al Machboos


If you have not yet looked an irresistible combination of meat, rice, and spices, then don’t wait for more, order Al Machboos.

The base of the dish is made with meat, rice, and onions and seasoned with a perfect mixture of spices, dried lemon, and salt. Due to its zesty flavors, this dish is making its place in the famous food in Dubai. Also, try the yogurt raita and salad. The look of the dish is unsophisticated and plain, but the taste is yummy! It authentically served on a large platter, and everyone eats from the same dish with the right hand.


So these are the five Most ordered non-veg dishes of Dubai. Have you ever tried other dishes and you like it most? If yes, then share the name and place so that others can take advantage of it. Comment box is all yours! Raid it.