Top Healthy Snacks To Enjoy In Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, people think that it offers you a versatile food option but not that healthy. If you are considering the same, my friends, you are wrong. You have plenty of opportunities for food like a keto diet. When it comes to dietary programs, I am strict about it. Last time, when I visited Dubai, I have found man dishes that include protein foods. Healthy eating is a long-term vision. I am here to share some places and its healthy food to you.

Life‘n One’s zucchini pasta

Located at Jumeirah neighborhood, Life‘n One is the vegan and organic cafe that cares for your health. Walk on the stone pathway, settle on the grass, and enjoy your food there. Do not miss to attend the life healing session and wellness classes.

Life‘n One's zucchini pasta

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If you are visiting this place for the first time, go for the zucchini pasta. Pick a combination with spicy Thai sauce. You can also pick the sushi wraps with a range of rice filling. Do not feel guilty, try the sweet; the raw Snickers Pie. The average cost of the meal is AED100 per person.

Wild & the Moon’s juice, coffee & salad

Wild & the Moon is originated in Paris but luckily arrived for Dubai. How do you feel if you get high fiber foods in some trending places? This 100% organic place that is good for you. With health, food is also delicious. Whether you want lunch, breakfast, or early dinner, this place is full of fun, chat, and sound.

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If you want to make weight loss, then you can try its juice. Tiger juice that includes apple, orange, sweet potato, turmeric, black pepper, and cardamom. Solar bars are made from a mix of dates, coconut oil, spirulina, and vanilla beans, which will surely boost the metabolism and body energy. You can try kale and lentil salad or coffee named as bulletproof. The place costs an average of AED90 per head.

XVA Café’s vegetarian cuisine

For the veg person Lifestyle in Dubai is not less than any feast. In the middle of Bur Dubai and the neighborhood of Al Fahidi, XVA cafe is one of the oldest places in Dubai. For the vegetarian person, it is heaven filled with taste.

XVA Café's vegetarian cuisine

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Go for vegetarian cuisine. It is healthy, fast, and affordable. You can also try couscous with mint, pomegranate, and halloumi. I suggest the eggplant combined with tomato puree and feat chess, as well as I love eggplant dishes so much. It costs per head AED100.

Comptoir 102’s Arabian food with Black Lemonade

Do not look for the weight loss products as you have Comptoir 102 in Dubai. Go to the beach and take a wholesome meal at this place. This place is a part-time cafe and part-time homewares, so after your food, you can go and pick some linings for your wall or furniture for your home.

Black Lemonade

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For all-day dishes, you can choose seaweed Pesto with raw flaxseed crackers and homemade guacamole. For breakfast time, I suggest you select Arabian dishes like Labneh Organic Panini that has mint, olives, and walnuts. And yes, do not forget to order a Black Lemonade that has activated charcoal, maple syrup, and lemon juice, a perfect Detoxifier. It costs AED90 per person.

The Cycle Bistro’s Huevos Rancheros

As the name suggests, this place offers food with cycling. Cycling is suitable for health, and when we talk about weight loss products or food, how can we forget this name. The place has plenty of areas to relax and take a bite with taste. Sam Sayadan and Khalid Al Zarooni launch this duo concept.

The Cycle Bistro's Huevos Rancheros

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When it comes to food, they serve gluten, dairy, and sugar-free choices. For me, the Huevos Rancheros, tomato confit, and crab Stack filled with veggies are the best dishes. It cost like other names on the list like about AED100 per person.

Little Erth by Nabz&G’s spring wraps

If you have read Tips to Have a Healthy Lifestyle, you must follow a strict diet. But what if you are outside? In places like Dubai, you do not have to worry until it has places like Little Erth. Whether you want thyroid diet dishes or keto diet dishes or rich protein foods, the menu includes all the things. The vegan meal plans, Jumeirah Lake Tower, unique eatery, and world-class culinary arts will surely amaze you.

Little Erth by Nabz&G's spring wraps

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If you want light food in between your meal, then you can try spring wraps. If you’re feeling a bit hungry, try the Buddha burger and air-fries. It costs an average of AED90 per head.


Want to know more about healthy snacks in Dubai, stay tuned with us. We will come back with a new list for sure. Leave your comment and share your experience with Dubai food without a miss. Thank you