Top Places For Dubai Weekend Activities

As a tourist, you might think about the places one can enjoy during weekends; then the choices are plenty!  Remember, the weekends in Dubai are different from the rest of the world. Friday and Saturday are considered as a weekend in Dubai. If you are looking for five things to do in Dubai today, here are Top Places For Dubai Weekend activities.

Starting from desert safari to balloon ride, you will find several interesting activities to choose from. Some Top Places For Dubai Weekend activities that happened on Friday in Dubai are given below.

Desert safari:

Desert safari

The first name in the list of Dubai weekend activities is a desert safari. Do not wait to explore the beauty of the desert. It is one of the popular activities. You have three timing options as well. According to me, it is fun to explore the desert in a four-wheeler. Roller coaster ride over the sand dunes, go down to deep hollows and go to the peaks are thrilling.  Here you can also enjoy sandboarding, camel rides, and a belly dance show with the company of barbeque. If you like traditional Arab costumes or want to smoke shisha or hookah, then you can do it also.

Wander into the city: 

Wander into the city

Want to know real Dubai or enjoy the weekend differently? Take the hop-on & hop-off bus tour.  More than 40 stops and 6 routes to choose, you will surely have fun. BurJuman, Wafi Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Museum, Global Village, dhow cruise, Palm Jumeirah Cruise, and many other places with Audio commentary in 11 languages make your weekend memorable.

Dhow trip

Dhow trip

Nothing can beat the romance of clear day sailing with the calm, blue-green water below and occasional birds on the sky above. Seems like fiction scenery but you are wrong. Dhow trip around the coast of Musandam gives you the same experience. Relax in a majlis-style camp or enjoy snorkeling or swimming.

Hot air Balloon Dubai:

Hot air Balloon Dubai

Begin or end your day in the adventurous way with sunrise or sunset in the hot air balloon. In the cool atmosphere try something different with this option. Beautiful view over the dessert might be unique for you. The tours for the hot air balloon starts from 5 am, and some operators also offer pick-up and drop off facilities as well.



Do not want to spend a lazy weekend, then various sports in Dubai are available for you. Kayaking tours to Umm al-Quwain is a great way to start your day. You can also try ice skating on the longest rinks of the city; the Galleria. Other option includes Golf, 92 Cycle Challenge, and few more.

Dubai garden center:

Dubai garden center

Amaze your kids by taking a visit to the Dubai Garden center. It is an outdoor space full of plants and trees. Kids will surely enjoy the animal statues and realistic-looking creatures. If you are lucky enough then you can see swinging monkeys and can pass over the crocodile pond via a bridge. Do not forget to take a drink and cake at Rose Lead Café.

Play in the park:

Play in the park

Dubai has large parks with large malls. Creek Park and Zabeel Park are the two largest parks in Dubai. Visit it on Friday morning with kids and play various outdoor games with them.


All these are . Most of the people spend their weekends at places like these. Other places include Dubai Mall Dinosaur, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall Aquarium, Souks, Camping, Animal Sanctuary, Wildlife Sanctuary, and Archaeological Sites.