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April 2020, UAE – There’s no denying that the spread of COVID-19 has taken a toll on one’s day-to-day lives. As people around the globe are being implored to stay home and avoid social settings, these are well and truly challenging times not for one, but all. Also, time for communities across regions to join hands and come together. And that includes supporting your favorite neighborhood restaurants too! Global Food Service company, Unilever Food Solutions has launched a nationwide campaign across the GCC – UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, namely, YALLAH LET’S ORDER. Inspired by the initiative ‘#TheGreatAmericanTakeout, the campaign, which kickstarts on Thursday, 9th April, aims to promote and support local restaurants and eateries in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait, thereby dedicating one day each week where consumers can share visuals of their meals ordered in through their favourite restaurant using the hashtag ‘#YallahLetsOrder’ on their social media channels.

The mechanisms are simple! Give a call or simply place an order online of a meal you’ve been craving for, wherever you are, in the UAE, Kuwait or even Saudi Arabia,YALLAH LET’S ORDER. Post a picture or video of your meal on Instagram, tagging ‘#YallahLetsOrder’. Encourage your fellow colleagues, friends and family to share on their platforms as well! Keep the ball rolling every Thursday this month – this is just the beginning!

Thinking of having some piping hot Ramen or Noodles, a meaty burger, delicious rice preparations or even a simple bowl of vegan goodness? Don’t hesitate and order away. Browse through the various delivery apps and scout the best deals, offers and family combos to save some bucks. YALLAH LET’S ORDER During this time, food safety is everything. Opt for Contact-less delivery at checkout, while continuing to support your favorite local restaurants. For the benefit of you and the riders, a call/text will be dropped when they arrive and drop off your order on the doorstep, in the lobby or any other designated area of your preference.

It’s a small part that we as the community can all play to help bring in traffic to your local restaurant, at a time they need it most. In the US alone, this initiative has become a social media movement garnering over 20,000 active participants in a single week ranging from foodies, restaurateurs, bloggers, to celebrities, all with the common goal of helping the restaurant community get through this pandemic together.

In light of this, Unilever Food Solution’s Marketing Director (MEPS,SA and ANZ) Melinda Taylor states, “It is a challenging and unprecedented time for the entire foodservice industry. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to pull through. YALLAHLETSORDER is a small part that we can all play to help bring in traffic to restaurants and food operators, at a time they need it most. We are confident that community and togetherness will be the enduring message of this crisis!”

Just because you can’t eat at your favorite restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite meal. Gather and reach out to your community of colleagues, friends and family and spread the word! Consider taking a night off from cooking every now and then and order in! What are you waiting for? #YallahLetsOrder’.